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Norway / Lofoten & Vesterålen / Cycling

Riding from Uttakleiv beach to Gimsøystraumen really makes me feel small. Looks like some weather is about to approach and I don’t feel like pitching my tent so I bivouac under a small roof.

Total distance: 58875 m
Max elevation: 131 m
Min elevation: -10 m
Total climbing: 939 m
Total descent: -944 m
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Norway / Lofoten & Vesterålen / Cycling

Riding from Flakstad to Nusfjord to catch the cycle ferry over to Ballstad.
Taking the ferry is a nice option to avoid the Nappstraumtunnel. I recommend that you book the ferry at least one day in advance as it might not operate when there are no bookings: Ballstadgutt. I wish I had some more time to see Nusfjord but I ran a little bit late due to a puncture. Well that gives me an excuse to return one day.
In Ballstad I stumbled upon “Sareptas hus” which houses a little shop for locally produced food and art as well as a little gallery. I really was impressed with the artwork of Iraj Nouri which I recommend you have a look at in a gallery when you get the chance.
Another place I stumbled upon is Sjokoladerommet, a cozy little café / chocolatery where I had some chocolate and ice-cream, yummy.
I wanted to camp at Uttakleiv beach, not sure how busy it would be but my worries unnecessary the beach has plenty of space, you have to pay a fee to camp there though. Something I gladly do to keep beaches like this clean and free of toilet paper.

Total distance: 58485 m
Max elevation: 73 m
Min elevation: -4 m
Total climbing: 978 m
Total descent: -975 m
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