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Norway / Lofoten & Vesterålen / Sailing & Cycling

Last watch and day of sailing, we finally got some wind and action. I will miss the movement of the sea and the quiet 0-4 night watches in the midnight sun.
First day of riding my bike feels funny, I still got my sea legs and it feels like the ground is moving. Going over bridges makes me dizzy but this feeling will disappear eventually.
I decide not to climb Reinebringen and am looking forward to a visit at Reine Kultursenter. Iv visited some years ago and really liked it. This time they were housing artworks from Eva Harr, Karl Erik Harr and Trym Ivar Bergsmo. After the visit I get the supplies of food I need and off we go.

Total distance: 29258 m
Max elevation: 59 m
Min elevation: 9 m
Total climbing: 625 m
Total descent: -622 m
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Norway / Lofoten & Vesterålen / Sailing

Today we are sailing into Trollfjorden again, this time the impressions are quiet different. Later we start to get some more weather and rock and roll at sea.

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Norway / Lofoten & Vesterålen / Sailing

Tonight we are passing Andøya – Home for me. It is quiet quiet at sea so I spend less words and show more Pictures. We also get served the fish we caught earlier this trip. It was prepared excellently, like all the meals we got.

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