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Norway / Lofoten & Vesterålen / Cycling

Well rested I continue my ride in rain and with strong headwinds. I wonder if I should pitch my tent one more time quiet often. But that would mean pitching my tent in heavy gusts of wind and rain while already being soaked. No the solution is to power trough, changing into clean and dry clothes and sleeping in my own bed. Usually I would recommend to cycle the more beautiful outer / western side of Andøya, this time I cycle the eastern side to Dverberg where I enjoy a nice bacalao and some cinnamon rolls at Alveland. Only 30 km left to get home…
… after this pitstop no problem.

Total distance: 100904 m
Max elevation: 121 m
Min elevation: 37 m
Total climbing: 1244 m
Total descent: -1229 m
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