Norway 2016 – Cycling

Preparations – Arrival

After days of gear check and packing as light weight as possible I finally fly from Oslo via Tromsø to Andenes on Andøya. The view on the last part of the flight is fantastic. I am relieved that all my luggage has arrived, who isn’t nervous at the baggage claim? Especially when you were told that the bike might be taking another plane if there is not enough space on the flight from Tromsø to Andenes. I quickly assemble my bike and luggage and off we roll. Everything works fine fingers crossed that I’ll have no problems on the tour. Checking in into the hotel and relaxing a bit before I prepare the last slides for my presentation at the European Space Camp. After that I’ll go out fora bite and buy some fuel for the Primus and some supplies for the tour.

European Space Camp 2016

Arriving early at the Space Center allowed me to follow the other lecturers Rune Sandbakken from the Norwegian Space Centre and Sophie Allan from the UK Space Center. I also had good time to talk to the participants and follow their project progress a little bit. There were a lot of really great young people at the camp.

If you are crazy about space and between 17 and 20 years old you should apply here:

Day 1 Andenes – Sortland (98 km / 418 m climbed)

Ok, It’ll take some days until everything has it’s place in the bags and my bike is well adjusted. But it is good to get going. I had some problems with movement of the pack rack in the beginning. Had to take all the bags down to adjust and propper fix the thing to the frame.
But it worked really well after the adjustments. The landscape is breathtaking and I really enjoy riding however I should have trained a little bit in advance. Starting on a long tour like that on a brand new bike might not be a wise thing to do. Oh boy my butt hurts cant decide if I wan or don’t ever want to sit again. I met a lama and had some really good cake at Nordtun Gård. I sat together with a nice German couple who were cycling nordover. In Risøyhamn i found a nice little shop, too bad my luggage capacity i limited. Got my tent up just before it started to rain. Freeze dried spaghetti it is today.
Total distance: 98.34 km
Max elevation: 60 m
Min elevation: -4 m
Total climbing: 418 m
Total descent: -425 m

Day 2 Sortland – Stokmarknes – Melbu – Fiskebøl(102 km / 793 m climbed)

Rain, a lot of it. I drive into Sortland and get a long and nice breakfast with some hot coffee. Since it is raining a lot I use the opportunity to answer some mails, no hurry.
Too much coffee, cant have another cup – let’s leave. I pick up some fresh supplies in Sockmarknes and follow the pretty coast counterclockwise around Hadseløya to Melbu. I am ready for some more coffee and hop onto the ferry across to Fiskebøl. I was lucky and found a nice place to camp right away. Hopefully my clothes and myself will dry soon.
Total distance: 14.76 km
Max elevation: 77 m
Min elevation: 36 m
Total climbing: 130 m
Total descent: -125 m

Total distance: 67.19 km
Max elevation: 33 m
Min elevation: -28 m
Total climbing: 480 m
Total descent: -505 m

Day 3 Fiskebøl – Laukvik – Svolvær – Kabelvåg – Henningsvær (92 km / 650 m climbed)

Long breakfast, allowing the tent and my clothes to dry some more. There are a lot of seashells on this beach. But all you need are tree seashells (Let me know if you know the reference).
The landscape is fantastic, the sea, the mountains and even the rain clouds fit perfectly.
I have a stop for some delicious cake, got to refill those carbohydrates. In Kabelvåg i found a nice little micro-library which is participating in bookcrossing. Too bad that I have limited carrying capacity. Finally the sun is coming out. I continue to ride to Henningsvær. Right before Henningsvær there are a lot of tents. It is not an official campground but a lot of climbers and cyclists are staying here, so do I.
Total distance: 32.48 km
Max elevation: 44 m
Min elevation: 16 m
Total climbing: 169 m
Total descent: -172 m

Total distance: 60.17 km
Max elevation: 43 m
Min elevation: 1 m
Total climbing: 481 m
Total descent: -472 m

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